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Pick a Card, Any Card

Making better choices faster using Tinder-like mobile interfaces.

Twitter’s Missing Messenger

A strategic analysis of the market and a vision for what Twitter should build.

“Ok Glass, Build a Social Network”

Why you’ll want everyone you know to wear Google Glass.


Helping us feel like we’re with friends who are far away.

The Last Great Social Network

The social layer that replaces Facebook will not look like Facebook.

Jul 2013
No Moving Parts

A blog redesign and migration from WordPress on DreamHost to Jekyll on S3.

Jun 2013
Secrets Make You Slow

Companies that are secretive about in-progress products are at a disadvantage.

Jan 2012
Cloud Writing with Dropbox and WriteRoom

Syncing is a hard problem.

Sep 2011
The Problem with Circles and the Pleasure of Carbon Copy

People don’t want to sort their friends in real life or on Google+.

The Value of Production Values

What we can all learn from Rebecca Black.

Mar 2011
Digital Molting

Humans are like dragonflies, so design social web services accordingly.

Facebook Killed the Video Star

What do Facebook, Wikipedia, television, and gin have in common?

Oct 2010
“Chance favors the connected mind.”

Where Good Ideas Come From, a four-minute video by Steven Johnson.

Sep 2010
Saving the World with Games

Sup dawg, we heard you like games, so we wrapped a game around your game…

Jul 2010
Paul Adams on the Real Life Social Network

Strong ties, weak ties, and latent ties.

Jul 2010
Where Do You Go at the NY Quantified Self Meetup Group

“Self knowledge through numbers.”

Jul 2010
“Code is Law”

Lawrence Lessig paraphrased by Jorge Ortiz.

Jun 2010
This is your brain. / This is your brain on the Internet.

“Computers are like a bicycle for our minds.” – Steve Jobs

Jun 2010 – Thesis Presentation

“Why not Facebook for everything?”

May 2010 – Pitch Presentation

Baby’s first VC pitch.

Mar 2010
Mar 2010 - Project Proposal

What I was actually planning to build.

Feb 2010

“What’s in a name?”

Feb 2010 - An Introduction

Wander the Internet, bring your friends.

Oct 2009
My Life in the Cloud – A Four-Computer Syncing Scheme

tl;dr: put your Application Support folders in Dropbox

Oct 2009
Web Ideas - UserVoice Re-purposed

“I wonder how it feels to be bored.”

Oct 2009
Textonic Article on

Some press for Textonic.

Sep 2009
Aug 2009
The Stream-Packet Duality of Content

Incoming content at the speed of light.

Jun 2009
Filtration as a Tonic for Internet Vertigo

I want filtration algorithms, not recommendation algorithms.

Jun 2009

New York City expresses herself in neon.

Jun 2009
Design for UNICEF -

A permanent home for the project.

May 2009
Apple WWDC and the Scala Lift Off

Free ticket to WWDC :)

May 2009
Programming A to Z - Delvicious Alpha

Theoretically this thing should still work.

May 2009
Little Computers - Meetapp (Working Demo)

Baby’s first iPhone app.

May 2009
Programming A to Z - A Delvicious Milestone

Proof-of-concept for full-text search of my bookmarks.

Apr 2009
On the Plethora of Social Websites

The beginnings of my ITP thesis.

Apr 2009
Programming A to Z - Assignment #9 Evolvocabulary

Analayzing the papers I wrote in college.

Apr 2009
Mar 2009
Little Computers - Meetapp (Initial Progress)

Baby’s first Objective-C.

Mar 2009
Design for UNICEF - Detextive*

Later, we changed the name of the project to Textonic.

Mar 2009
Programming A to Z - Delvicious, Initial Implementation Details

Delicious API + Google Custom Search Engine + Google App Engine

Mar 2009
Mar 2009
Times Open

The NYT’s first API conference, with a keynote by Tim O’Reilly.

Feb 2009
Feb 2009
Programming A to Z - Assignment #5 Markov v vokraM

Rudimentary stastical models of text.

Feb 2009
Programming A to Z - Assignment #4 Concordance Sorting

How did anyone program anything before Google?

Feb 2009
Design for UNICEF - RapidSMS and Mechanical Turk

A system for processing freeform SMS input.

Feb 2009
Feb 2009
Programming A to Z - Assignment #2

“Expanding on/explicitly exacerbating the problem of punctuation.”

Feb 2009
Jan 2009
Gmail Hack - Muting Filtered and Labeled Threads

Managing high-volume email lists.

Jan 2009
DreamHost Downtime

“DreamHost I love you, but you’re bringing me down.”

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 4 Project 4: Social Network Organization

This is still a problem for me on Twitter.

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 3 Project 3: M[]leskine

I always carry a notebook.

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 2 Project 2: TwiTerra in SF

To San Francisco and back in twenty-four hours.

Jan 2009
TwiTerra - From New York to California

(I wish I had better documentation of this.)

Jan 2009
TwiTerra Statistics and Brilliant Viral Marketing

Twitter took its time monetizing, but there should never have been doubt.

Jan 2009
TwiTerra Files for Download

Baby’s first desktop app!

Jan 2009
TwiTerra at the NY Tech Meetup!

Presenting to an audience of several hundred people, gulp.

Jan 2009
Jan 2009
ITP - 4 in 4

Four projects in four days!

Jan 2009
Dec 2008
Election 2008 - Supporting the Supporters

(Markdown’s support for footnotes is amazing.)

Dec 2008
ITP - Spring Course Assignments

More class shopping.

Dec 2008
Intro to Computational Media - TwiTerra (Final Project Progress)

Collecting metadata about retweets was not easy.

Nov 2008
ITP - Spring Course Preferences

Learning how to strategically shop classes.

Nov 2008
ITP - Winter Show 2008

I still <3 the ITP Shows.

Nov 2008
Election 2008 - Assignment 2

Title: Supporting the Supporters in the 2012 Election: Video Media

Nov 2008
Intro to Computational Media - Retweet Tree (Final Project Proposal)

Perhaps more ‘talking things through’ than ‘proposing’.

Nov 2008
Nov 2008
Oct 2008
Redslist - An Introduction to the Project

Five years later, and craigslist still owns that marketplace.

Oct 2008
Web Idea - ISP Customer Mapping/Coordination

Five years later, and Time Warner has not improved.

Oct 2008
Web Idea - An Introduction

So many things to build, so little time.

Oct 2008
Intro to Computational Media - Midterm Part 2

NASA is the best for open-sourcing that library.

Oct 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - Keyboard Progress

Javascript performance issues, already.

Oct 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - HW4, HW5

Even more Javascript.

Oct 2008
Intro to Computational Media - Midterm Part 1

Display tweets on a globe? How hard can it be?

Oct 2008
Intro to Computational Media - HW5

“It’s a tricky language,”

Oct 2008
Intro to Computational Media - HW4

Baby’s first Scala!

Oct 2008
Oct 2008
Election 2008 - Assignment 1

Title: Text Media: A Comparative Analysis of Contextual Importance

Oct 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - Keyboard Portfolio

Form from function, or function from form?

Oct 2008
Intro to Computational Media - HW3

In order to understand recursion,

Sep 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - HW3

I still like the portfolio website idea in Part 3.

Sep 2008
Intro to Computational Media - HW2

Getting more comfortable with complexity.

Sep 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - HW2

GitHub was less than six months old when I posted this.

Sep 2008
Welcome to the new blog!

Baby’s first domain registration?!

Sep 2008
Intro to Computational Media - HW1

This reminds me of the report I did on fractals in 9th grade.

Sep 2008
Classes for Fall 2008

Not the usual core classes of the first semester, but I regret nothing.

Sep 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - HW1

Baby’s first Javascript?!

Sep 2008
Sociable Objects - Tick Tock Tock

“There will be time, there will be time.”

Jun 2008
Sociable Objects - Rock Paper Scissors

If you ever felt like Rock Paper Scissors was too easy to play.

Jun 2008
May 2008
presence monitoring at ITP

The sort of idea that at least one ITP student has per year…

May 2008
potential project idea

(This is the sort of thing that belongs on Tumblr.)

May 2008
Physical Computing - Lab 2

This is how switches work.

May 2008
Physical Computing - Lab 1

This is how buttons work.

May 2008
cell phone signal strength mapping

I think this was my first blog post ever!

May 2008
Binary Counter

An early foray into physical computing.

May 2008