TwiTerra at the NY Tech Meetup!

Presenting to an audience of several hundred people, gulp.

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I’m presenting TwiTerra at the NY Tech Meetup this Tuesday January 6th at 7pm. It will be at the IAC building, and more info is at

I had been going regularly to the monthly meetings, but had to stop last semester because they conflicted with my Applications class. When I went to look at this month’s meeting, I noticed they were looking for presenters, so I posted about TwiTerra. The organizers decided to give the meetup the theme “Built on Twitter”, and my project fit right in.

It should be an interesting night, and you can RSVP at that first link. Kate Hartman (former ITP student and now adjunct faculty) is also presenting a project called Botanicalls.

There’s a fair amount of preparation for me to do (beautifying the code, printing business cards, writing blog posts like this one), but I’m very excited!