TwiTerra Files for Download

Baby’s first desktop app!

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I am now using Maven instead of Eclipse to build my TwiTerra project (thanks again to Jorge for teaching me a bit about Maven), and I’ve also (finally!) started to use Git / GitHub for source version control. You can view the project here — — and please feel free to fork the project and extend it! And contact me with questions or ideas for cool things to make!

Also, I’ve made some significant improvements to the code, and it should now require much less RAM. I’ve made packages of TwiTerra that will run on both Mac and Windows computers. Both should open full-screen and without menu bars, so press Command-Q or Alt-F4 to exit. It requires an internet connection to run, and please be patient as it initializes the globe and database connection on startup.

Download the Mac version here — it should run as a normal application without any further steps.

Download the Windows version here — be sure to follow the instructions in the readme to get it working.

Download a Linux version here — I have no idea if it works and have no computer to test it on, but I thought I’d offer it anyway.