Selected Posts

Pick a Card, Any Card

Making better choices faster using Tinder-like mobile interfaces.

Feb 2014
Twitter’s Missing Messenger

A strategic analysis of the market and a vision for what Twitter should build.

Jan 2014
“Ok Glass, Build a Social Network”

Why you’ll want everyone you know to wear Google Glass.

Jul 2013

Helping us feel like we’re with friends who are far away.

Jul 2013
The Problem with Circles and the Pleasure of Carbon Copy

People don’t want to sort their friends in real life or on Google+.

Jul 2011
Digital Molting

Humans are like dragonflies, so design social web services accordingly.

Mar 2011

Selected Projects

Dashdash was chat product that felt like a cocktail party on the Internet.

Apr 2012
to Jan 2014

A list of reasons for carrying my M[]leskine notebook with me everywhere.

Nov 2010
to present
Where Do You Go

Customize and share heat maps of your Foursquare check-ins!

Mar 2010
to Jan 2012

Tracking retweets before Twitter-style retweets even existed.

Oct 2008
to Jan 2009
Architecture Portfolio

“Here I dreamt I was an architect.”

Jun 2007
to Dec 2008
Stanford in SketchUp

“It’s only a model!”

Jan 2007
to Aug 2007