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Dashdash was chat product that felt like a cocktail party on the Internet.

OkCupid Message Downloader

A script to download your message history from OkC when it’s time to close your account.

Apr 2011
to present

A list of reasons for carrying my M[]leskine notebook with me everywhere.

Where Do You Go

Customize and share heat maps of your Foursquare check-ins!

Wander the Internet, bring your friends.

Apr 2009
to Jul 2011

Full-text search for your Delicious bookmarks.

Mar 2009
to May 2009

A system for processing freeform SMS input.

Feb 2009
to May 2009

Tracking retweets before Twitter-style retweets even existed.

Website for Kevin Kennon Architect

After not writing any code for three years, I taught myself Flash/ActionScript 3.

Dec 2007
to Jul 2008
Architecture Portfolio

“Here I dreamt I was an architect.”

Stanford in SketchUp

“It’s only a model!”

Short Films

Before I wanted to be an architect, I wanted to make movies…

Oct 2004
to May 2005

Riddle me this.

Aug 2003
to present