wanderli.st — wander the internet, bring your friends

Wanderli.st was my thesis project at ITP. It was a social tool that allowed users to manage their relationships and identities across the services where they already share content. A video of my presentation is below, followed by a list of related posts.

The Problem with Circles and the Pleasure of Carbon Copy

People don’t want to sort their friends in real life or on Google+.

Paul Adams on the Real Life Social Network

Strong ties, weak ties, and latent ties.

Jul 2010
Wanderli.st – Thesis Presentation

“Why not Facebook for everything?”

May 2010
Wanderli.st – Pitch Presentation

Baby’s first VC pitch.

Mar 2010
Wanderli.st - Project Proposal

What I was actually planning to build.

Feb 2010

“What’s in a name?”

Feb 2010
Wanderli.st - An Introduction

Wander the Internet, bring your friends.

Oct 2009
Aug 2009
On the Plethora of Social Websites

The beginnings of my ITP thesis.

Apr 2009

Thanks to Jorge Ortiz for for the conceptual and technical advice.