Wanderli.st -- Thesis Presentation

“Why not Facebook for everything?”

204 words

A couple weeks ago I presented Wanderli.st during Thesis Week at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. The list of all of the presentations is here, and ITP has a copy of the video hosted here, but I’ve also embedded it below. Some of the slides are difficult to read in the video, so they are embedded as well. If you’re in a hurry and think you can read faster than I was talking (hah!), the notes on which the talk was based are below each slide.

I’ve been thinking a lot the best way to continue this work now that I am free from academia, and about how Wanderli.st fits with other proposals such as Diaspora (which has gotten incredible support). I’ll continue to publish updates here, and let me know if you have any ideas you’d like to discuss!

Note: I had originally wanted to synchronize the PDF of the slides with the video, but I couldn’t find a good tool to help me with this — Omnisio has disabled the ability to create new presentations since they were acquired by Google, and the Zentation player was simply too ugly (despite their much prettier main website). Let me know if you can recommend something!