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Where Do You Go at the NY Quantified Self Meetup Group

“Self knowledge through numbers.”

Jul 2010 -- Thesis Presentation

“Why not Facebook for everything?”

May 2010 -- Pitch Presentation

Baby’s first VC pitch.

Mar 2010 - Project Proposal

What I was actually planning to build.

Feb 2010

“What’s in a name?”

Feb 2010 - An Introduction

Wander the Internet, bring your friends.

Oct 2009
Sep 2009
Aug 2009
Design for UNICEF -

A permanent home for the project.

May 2009
Programming A to Z - Delvicious Alpha

Theoretically this thing should still work.

May 2009
May 2009
Programming A to Z - A Delvicious Milestone

Proof-of-concept for full-text search of my bookmarks.

Apr 2009
Mar 2009
Design for UNICEF - Detextive*

Later, we changed the name of the project to Textonic.

Mar 2009
Programming A to Z - Delvicious, Initial Implementation Details

Delicious API + Google Custom Search Engine + Google App Engine

Mar 2009
Design for UNICEF - RapidSMS and Mechanical Turk

A system for processing freeform SMS input.

Feb 2009
4-in-4 Day 4 Project 4: Social Network Organization

This is still a problem for me on Twitter.

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 3 Project 3: M[]leskine

I always carry a notebook.

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 2 Project 2: TwiTerra in SF

To San Francisco and back in twenty-four hours.

Jan 2009
TwiTerra - From New York to California

(I wish I had better documentation of this.)

Jan 2009
TwiTerra Statistics and Brilliant Viral Marketing

Twitter took its time monetizing, but there should never have been doubt.

Jan 2009
TwiTerra Files for Download

Baby’s first desktop app!

Jan 2009
TwiTerra at the NY Tech Meetup!

Presenting to an audience of several hundred people, gulp.

Jan 2009
Redslist - An Introduction to the Project

Five years later, and craigslist still owns that marketplace.

Oct 2008