4-in-4 Day 4 Project 4: Social Network Organization

This is still a problem for me on Twitter.

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My final 4-in-4 project was originally going to be “Plan Trip to SXSW” — including buying plane tickets and book a hotel — but not quite enough people seemed like they were ready to commit yet (props to Liesje for being decisive).

It was during this realization that I went to post my finished blog entry for the M[]leskines, and noticed that DreamHost was down. I spent a while trying to diagnose the problem (before they finally posted a proper status update) and researching other web hosts.

Somewhat simultaneously I received another flurry of random Twitter followers, and, since I hadn’t looked at my feed in days, decided that organizing them was more urgent, and made that my project. There’s a blog post that will come soon about some UI design thoughts that were crystalized by this project, but I don’t have time to finish it now.

I went through the 107 people I was following on Twitter, and copied their user names and real names (if specified) into one of five txt files based on my relation to them (click for full size) —

Those groups are Friends, ITP, Networking, Unknown, and Bots. I then used those lists to create groups using the functionality in TweetDeck, and now my Tweets are sorted (see rotated image below, or click for a horizontal version). This should make it easier to keep up with the groups which are most important and look through the less important feeds when I have time. I’ll keep both sets of lists up to date as I follow more people. It was a small project, and not as creative as I would have liked, but it needed to happen anyway and my day didn’t quite go as expected.