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Where Do You Go at the NY Quantified Self Meetup Group

“Self knowledge through numbers.”

Jul 2010
May 2009
Times Open

The NYT’s first API conference, with a keynote by Tim O'Reilly.

Feb 2009
4-in-4 Day 4 Project 4: Social Network Organization

This is still a problem for me on Twitter.

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 3 Project 3: M[]leskine

I always carry a notebook.

Jan 2009
4-in-4 Day 2 Project 2: TwiTerra in SF

To San Francisco and back in twenty-four hours.

Jan 2009
TwiTerra - From New York to California

(I wish I had better documentation of this.)

Jan 2009
TwiTerra at the NY Tech Meetup!

Presenting to an audience of several hundred people, gulp.

Jan 2009
ITP - 4 in 4

Four projects in four days!

Jan 2009
ITP - Winter Show 2008

I still <3 the ITP Shows.

Nov 2008