Programming A to Z - A Delvicious Milestone

Proof-of-concept for full-text search of my bookmarks.

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project page here with overview and previous posts

I’ve had to focus on other projects for the past couple of weeks, but I finally got to turn my attention back to Delvicious. It will now:

  • keep track of Delicious login information for a particular Google account
  • fetch those bookmarks using the Delicious API and store them in the GAE Datastore
  • serve the bookmarks back as an XML file to a user-specific URL

There’s enough functionality to make it worth visiting the appspot page here. Sign in with Google, enter your Delicious credentials, and fetch your bookmarks – you should see them displayed in a list. You could then make a custom search engine, go to the advanced tab on the left side bar, and add a URL of the form[your_delicious_username].xml as an annotations feed. Your bookmarks should then start appearing in your search results. Test out the new version (that searches memento85’s small number of Delicious bookmarks) below:

I need to clean up the interface navigation, but the real next step is to dive into the CSE API documentation and automate the creation of the search engine so that one is automatically paired with a Google users Delicious account.