ITP - Spring Course Preferences

Learning how to strategically shop classes.

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The courses for Spring semester were posted recently, and you can see a full listing of the exciting options here. Course sizes are limited to 16(?) students, and some courses will be more popular than others, so each student is asked to rank their top ten choices. An algorithm then assigns students to classes in a random order, with preference given to second-year students over first-years. The results will be made available on Monday, and my preferences were as follows:

I’ll be taking four classes in total, and ideally I will have a spot in each of the first three and then choose from one of the next four. I’m also interested in the subsequent ranked (and unranked) courses, as well as several that aren’t on that list. The final ordering I settled on isn’t necessarily a direct representation of my preferences, as factors such as expected popularity, expected future course offerings, time conflicts, and subject matter similarities all needed to be taken into account. Additionally, it’s difficult to judge a course from a paragraph of description, and I intend to attend as many classes as I can during the first week (regardless of whether or not I am on the waiting list), so my schedule will be in flux until then.