Intro to Computational Media - TwiTerra Milestone (Final Project Progress)

Jumping tweets :)

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project page with previous posts here

I resolved a couple of bugs in the line drawing animation, and now my database calls are made for each tree before it attempts to start drawing lines (allowing for a smoother animation). I also got the built-in View state iterator to work and make the globe rotate. Although much needs to be done before the project is ready to present, i think I’ve found solutions to the major challenges. A video is below:

TwiTerra Milestone from me on Vimeo.

I am hoping to do a number of things before presenting it in class next week, but for now I need to spend a few days working on my AJAX keyboard portfolio project. This list includes:

  • the spinning of the globe should follow the animation of the tweet lines, rather than spin continuously (this should eliminate the unwanted pause between rotations)
  • the lines between tweet coordinates are not interpolating correctly due to the way that latitude and longitude correspond to globe positions — this just needs a little bit of math to fix
  • I need to show the text of the tweet, either as an Annotation object on the globe or somewhere else
  • I want to filter so that I am showing the most interesting trees, based on tree complexity, the distance between tweets and the locations of the tweets