Web Idea - An Introduction

So many things to build, so little time.

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During conversations with friends, I regularly have ideas for websites, services, or other technologies. These conversations happen in person, over email, on instant messenger, via text message. I realized a few months ago that I might want to be able to organize them all into one place, so I began annotating them with the tag “< web idea >” to facilitate later searching. It gives me comfort that they are not lost to the black hole of my hard drive, but does not actually give me any more time to implement them.

From now on, I’ll try to post the ideas here with a ‘web idea’ category that will replace the old ‘idea’ category. Also, I’ll try to go through my old ideas and post the ones that are worth typing up. You can subscribe to a category specific RSS feed here — http://lehrblogger.com/category/web-ideas/atom.xml

Ideas, I have found, are relatively commonplace; the real work is in their execution. Sometimes people guard their ideas, keeping them secret out of fear that they will be taken and implemented by someone else first. None of that here. Please, take these ideas, and please, bring them to life. I have more of them than I’ll ever have time for, and even if I were to eventually have time for all of them, they would have long-since lost their relevance. If you find yourself with sufficient knowledge, time, and interest to start work on one of these, I would love to talk about it and hear what you are thinking about what I was thinking.