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Pick a Card, Any Card

Making better choices faster using Tinder-like mobile interfaces. - An Introduction

Wander the Internet, bring your friends.

Oct 2009
Web Ideas - UserVoice Re-purposed

“I wonder how it feels to be bored.”

Oct 2009
Aug 2009
The Stream-Packet Duality of Content

Incoming content at the speed of light.

Jun 2009
Filtration as a Tonic for Internet Vertigo

I want filtration algorithms, not recommendation algorithms.

Jun 2009
On the Plethora of Social Websites

The beginnings of my ITP thesis.

Apr 2009
Programming A to Z - Delvicious, Initial Implementation Details

Delicious API + Google Custom Search Engine + Google App Engine

Mar 2009
Times Open

The NYT’s first API conference, with a keynote by Tim O'Reilly.

Feb 2009
TwiTerra Statistics and Brilliant Viral Marketing

Twitter took its time monetizing, but there should never have been doubt.

Jan 2009
Redslist - An Introduction to the Project

Five years later, and craigslist still owns that marketplace.

Oct 2008
Web Idea - ISP Customer Mapping/Coordination

Five years later, and Time Warner has not improved.

Oct 2008
Web Idea - An Introduction

So many things to build, so little time.

Oct 2008
GUI Design in AJAX - Keyboard Portfolio

Form from function, or function from form?

Oct 2008
presence monitoring at ITP

The sort of idea that at least one ITP student has per year…

May 2008
potential project idea

(This is the sort of thing that belongs on Tumblr.)

May 2008
cell phone signal strength mapping

I think this was my first blog post ever!

May 2008