Category: commentary

Pick a Card, Any Card

Making better choices faster using Tinder-like mobile interfaces.

Twitter's Missing Messenger

A strategic analysis of the market and a vision for what Twitter should build.

"Ok Glass, Build a Social Network"

Why you’ll want everyone you know to wear Google Glass.


Helping us feel like we’re with friends who are far away.

Jul 2013
The Last Great Social Network

The social layer that replaces Facebook will not look like Facebook.

Jul 2013
Secrets Make You Slow

Companies that are secretive about in-progress products are at a disadvantage.

Jan 2012
The Problem with Circles and the Pleasure of Carbon Copy

People don’t want to sort their friends in real life or on Google+.

The Value of Production Values

What we can all learn from Rebecca Black.

Mar 2011
Digital Molting

Humans are like dragonflies, so design social web services accordingly.

Facebook Killed the Video Star

What do Facebook, Wikipedia, television, and gin have in common?

Oct 2010
"Chance favors the connected mind."

Where Good Ideas Come From, a four-minute video by Steven Johnson.

Sep 2010
Saving the World with Games

Sup dawg, we heard you like games, so we wrapped a game around your game…

Jul 2010
Paul Adams on the Real Life Social Network

Strong ties, weak ties, and latent ties.

Jul 2010
"Code is Law"

Lawrence Lessig paraphrased by Jorge Ortiz.

Jun 2010
This is your brain. / This is your brain on the Internet.

“Computers are like a bicycle for our minds.” – Steve Jobs

Jun 2010
The Stream-Packet Duality of Content

Incoming content at the speed of light.

Jun 2009
Filtration as a Tonic for Internet Vertigo

I want filtration algorithms, not recommendation algorithms.

Jun 2009
On the Plethora of Social Websites

The beginnings of my ITP thesis.

Apr 2009